Monday, September 27, 2004

Favorite Musicians

Okay, here are my top 15 favorite musicians in no specific order
1. Ross King- He performed at my camp (the place from where I got my nickname from) but I didn't see him. They put one of his songs ("Clear the Stage") in the camp video. I liked it so much that I found out who he was and got that CD. Well, eventually me, my sister, and my mom listened to that CD (And All The Decorations Too) every day to and from school. Then I got (in an order I can't remember) Big Quiet Truth, Something By Sunrise, Too Much Free Time, To Make God Famous, and most recently Too Make God Famous II. And through learning about him I learned about Breakaway Ministries, a college ministry at A&M and I got their CDs: Better Than Life, The Spirit Moves, and Many Walks One Road. Ross King is such a godly man whose songs impart biblical wisdom in a wonderful creative way.
2. Spurfiftyeight- At camp (yes the same one) I heard a song "Forever My Love" and just really loved it. I went home hoping to find a CD that had it on it, and Spurfiftyeight's The Pursuit had it, as well as "Who is This?" and "Your Love is Extravagant" and plenty of other wonderful songs of worship. Their other CD, Image of a New, is just as cool, with even more of a rock sound. I still haven't seen them in concert, nor Ross King now that I think about it, but when oppurtunity knocks I'm opening that door.
3. Chris Tomlin- He has written so many great worship songs, and he seems just so friendly. I got to see him perform at a KSBJ Brownbag concert on the day he released his second CD, Not To Us. He was and is part of the Passion Band, and his two CD's The Noise We Make and Not To Us (as well as Too Much Free Time with Ross King). Plus, he's a Texas boy, even better, a Houston boy! Actually, when I first heard him on KSBJ singing "Forever", I said "Man he is just copying Michael W Smith." Later I found out that Chris Tomlin wrote "Forever". Anyway... he rocks.
4. David Crowder Band- David Crowder... hmmm.... how do you describe him. Well, he looks like a goat... and has a goatee. He and his band have an awesome sound. According to my dad, he was obviously influenced by Pink Floyd. He wrote "O Praise Him", "I Will Not Be Silent/ Make a Joyful Noise" and many other songs. He is even cooler cause he started a church at Baylor University, where some people from my school went. He leads worship there on Sundays when he can. But even though he is famous, he still has a humble spirit. When they were playing at church, they slipped on stage, started playing immediately, and did not focus or direct the attention to them or how good they played.
5. Michael W Smith- I started to like Michael W Smith when I heard his song "Missing Person" cause it just described me real well. His Worship projects are very authentic I believe, and it is just cool he keeps on rocking even though he's... pretty old.
6. Jennifer Knapp- Jennifer plays real accoustic, melodic, vocal music. Her songs are obviously straight from her heart. I heard one of them on a camp video and had to find it. I did and it was called "Refine Me". She is a really talented female guitar player.
7. Steven Curtis Chapman- "Speechless", "God is God", "Let Us Pray", and many others are just amazingly cool songs. It's so cool cause he plays guitar in almost all his songs. YEAH!
8. Relient K- At my church, if you attended the Wednesday night thing in Junior High, you would have heard Relient K played almost nonstop. That's how I discovered what a... creative band they are. Their songs are funny, but meaningful. "For the moments I feel faint"... wow.
9. Mercy Me- They have cool songs. And on some of their independent releases they play cool worship songs, like "Forever my Love" They're really accoustic. but still rock.
10. Switchfoot- Almost all of their songs on The Beautiful Letdown rock the house. All of them are about living life better than we are.
11. Nichole Nordeman- beautiful soft voice... "Why" and "Every Season" can make you cry.
12. Todd Proctor- At first I only knew him through "Fill Me Up" a song we sang at camp, and was actually the whole theme of camp one summer, and I am actually wearing the shirt from that year. Anyway, he also has plenty of other great songs.
13. Rich Mullins- OKAY, HE ROCKS THE DULCIMER, THE PIANO, AND THE CD PLAYER. I want to just put one of his CD's in my car's CD PLAYER and turn up the bass... especially in the beginning to "Sing your praise to the Lord"
14. Kevin Max (and dc talk)- Kevin had the awesome voice... DC TALK was great together. Tait, Kevin, and TobyMac seperate... not so good.
15. Third Day- Country rock worship, and love every minute of it.

Post Numero----- UNO!

Well, I finally get to have a blog!!! This is going to be awesome.
- Why I want to have a blog -
1. I can practice my writing skills
2. I can write wacky and funny stuff
3. People can read it
This is the beginning of a legacy...